SUNTEK AIR FREIGHT is constantly growing and evolving its business to suit your demand for more dependable and flexible logistics. It enables you to move your time-sensitive, high-value goods quickly to its destination, avoiding any supply chain disruptions caused by overcrowded ports, labor shortages, or limited capacity. Take advantage of SUNTEK AIR FREIGHT as a stand-alone service or combine it with other modes of transportation, warehousing, and customs services. Your supply chain will be boosted in more ways than one.

Our Flexible and Agile Air solutions include:

  • Quick response to issues and Disruptions
  • Better flexibility and reduced inventory costs
  • Seamless and streamlined operational services
  • High reliability on timelines

We are concerned about the security of your precious cargo. We make sure your goods safety at all times by providing the greatest security and cargo protection available. Using CCTVs to monitor storage and handling, conducting weight checks at both origin and destination and having comprehensive checklists to monitor your cargo's condition throughout its supply chain journey are all examples of how you can keep track of your cargo's condition.

Priority Air provides an express solution with precisely defined transit times from airport to airport to meet your top-priority consignment needs.

  • Quickly and thoroughly Delivery in 1-3 days
  • Highly adaptable to your cargo's requirements
  • Easily accessible at the airport destination
  • Access to national carrier network


Train freight is the process of transporting products from one location to another using train as the medium of conveyance. It is one of the most cost-effective and efficient modes of transportation. With SUNTEK train freight services, you can now deliver your goods on time.

SUNTEK is a prominent logistics firm that provides reliable and cost-effective train freight services. SUNTEK maintains distinct railway hubs at each station to avoid cargo mixing, and all of our handling equipment at train stations is operational 24 hours a day to ensure cargo delivery on time. SUNTEK also has agreements with SLR / VPU carriages on practically all express trains. SUNTEK operation staff is specially prepared to handle train consignments in a short amount of time. We may additionally tailor premium rail cargo space to meet your specific needs.

We provide you a complete solution based on a thorough examination of your needs and requirements. Our expert personnel plan and implement the package according to predetermined guidelines. We are well-equipped to handle time-sensitive shipments and ensure on-time delivery. We make the procedure as simple and straightforward as possible while providing the best service possible.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in the business because to our on-time delivery and exceptional client service. Our services are distinguished for their dependability, professionalism while remaining adaptable, and easy management.


SUNTEK understands the importance of safe and timely transportation of your shipments; we provide secure, fast, and reliable transportation of the goods with our reliable fleet of trailers and trucks .

Safety, on-time delivery, and cost effectiveness are all guaranteed to offer complete client satisfaction. SUNTEK's transportation services are well linked with the rising needs of industry and commerce. Our customers have complete control over their shipments thanks to clear and time-definite schedules and visibility of shipments at all stages.

SUNTEK is regarded as one of the greatest logistics companies, providing efficient and reliable transportation services with the utmost sincerity and attention to our customers. SUNTEK's vehicles are of high quality and are operated by trained personnel who are committed to safely transporting your cargo while adhering to all regulations and road safety precautions.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • The safest and most cost-effective option to send your cargo throughout the country
  • We provide you with the best available logistics solutions, regardless of the size of your consignment.
  • Solutions that are affordable
  • Guaranteed delivery on time
  • A very efficient workforce will handle your shipments and inquiries.
  • Advanced Tracking System
  • Transportation of general cargo – Full Truck Load (FTL) or Part Truck Load / Less Than truck Load (PTL / LTL)
  • Transportation of ODC - Odd-Dimensional Cargo
  • Specialized transportation of heavy consignment by hydraulic axle trailers
  • Reusable Packaging services
  • Route analysis for over-sized and/or heavy cargo
  • Arranging all transportation permits
  • Our fleet of vehicles are all weather proof


SUNTEK offer inventory, transportation and warehouse management solution, through its large network across India, our warehouse is equipped with top class material handling equipment and well-trained professionals across all level, and we offer a variety of storage and distribution solution through a network of local and regional warehouses.

SUNTEK offer dedicated and shared warehousing facilities in all key metros hubs and major location across India, our WMS solution has ability to integrate with your ERP system for real time data of inventory and stock management.

Our warehousing and distribution network provide our customer cost effective and safely delivering of goods to customer.

Supply Chain Solution

SUNTEK offer unique design solution accordingly your need and to suit your specific requirement, we understand every customer or project have unique and complex requirement which may varies product to product, distribution model and risk involved in the project, SUNTEK has the ability to provide end to end customized supply chain solution for any project which include Multi model transportation, warehousing, Reverse logistics, planning, sourcing enabling, making, delivering and return.

From Site analysis and selection to supply chain modeling and network optimization, we provide the expertise for end-to-end supply chain, our team of experts can help design a supply chain for your business.

SUNTEK offers you various services aimed at improving the performance of the different logistics function of your company, reducing overall costs and satisfying customer requirements.


We offer FTL services to our customers through a network of independent brokerage agents as well as a large number of select branches. We provide our customers a door-to-door FTL service, in which the products are loaded into our vehicle at the customer's location and subsequently delivered to the stated location. This service is often utilized by manufacturers who need to transport big amounts of goods and is provided at a set fee. We offer FTL services to customers who offer good margins or to improve capacity usage of our trucks. We have a network of independent brokerage agents who have been working with us for many years. Brokerage agents supplement our branch network by providing access to consumers that require FTL services.

We offer a strong 3PL and 4PL service in India coupled with state-of-the-art transportation and warehousing capabilities.

It’s not just about taking your materials and products from Point A to B; we also ensure high efficiency by optimizing operational speed using:

  • A fleet of 600+ vehicles with GPS capability
  • 40+ Warehouses across India covering 10 million sq. feet of space
  • More than 300 delivery points all over the country

Industry Sectors which we cover:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • LifeStyle

Our integrated solutions matrix comprises of:

  • Single Window Solution
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Digital Solutions
  • Inventory Control and Management
  • Warehousing
  • Time Bounded Services

Expand your business reach and service capabilities with SUNTEK AXPRESS –Your Navigator in the World of Trade.


At SUNTEK, we endeavor to go beyond conventional mechanics of growing business and supporting customers to a level where we ensure our operations to be sustainable as well as benefit the environment and Planet Earth.

We fully support the industry initiative of achieving net zero carbon emissions.